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Thread: Manager needed-Don Eddies

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    Manager needed-Don Eddies

    Don Eddies son, Tony is looking for a retired couple with basic knowledge of maintenance, cooking, property management skills etc. to live and run the restaurant/bar and hotel on his property.

    He is looking for folks who understand the American culture and language (in other words Grinogs?). Compensation would be in the form of a percentage of the take, as well as a free place to live, fish and enjoy retirement along the wonderful San Quintin coast at this historic facility.

    He has the bar and restaurant closed for now but they are both ready to go. He has been focusing on room repairs. The boats are pulled (as most everyone else does this time of year) but they and their captains are ready to go when you are!

    Contact Tony at:
    TEL: 01152-1-616-1034563

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    Re: Manager needed-Don Eddies

    Position filled!!!! Tony says there's a new sheriff in town (?) and he is taking over the management responsibilities.

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